Network awareness

If you've ever looked at the Google ads that pop up specifically for you, or had a try of Google Now, you will realize that the predictive powers of AI based on computational statistics are extremely limited. They might be able to pick vaguely the topics/products that are very loosely related to you, but they are completely unable to pick topics/products that are both related to you and of interest to you RIGHT NOW. So instead of getting served ads for random stuff you don't want, you get served ads for slightly less random stuff you don't want. 

SyNeual is a fully context-aware system that take the wants and needs of different users into account and delivers relevant information. Context-aware computing enhances the basic capabilities of SyNeual's semantic technology. We allow the encoding of user profiles which can be matched with incoming content streams in real-time. A given stream may have structure (“eco-friendly homes for sale in Brooklyn”) or no structure. Another stream may have real-time processing rules that may filter and route information from that stream to many tributary streams defined in even more granular ways. For example, SyNeual may alert the user that there is a high risk of pollen exposure on their children’s way to school or alert one of a traffic jam on their regular commute. Much like a stock ticker or a scrolling update, this approach enables proactive information services where the users can be notified of relevant information without the need to be active information seekers. Naturally, users can use mobile and PC-based Web interfaces to find information that will match their interests, role and location at any time.