Transforming modern life

It's 7:45 a.m. You are about to leave home for work. The virtual assistant app on your phone is informed that the weather is good and knows that you're likely to go for a run at lunch. It reminds you to grab you're running gear, and places an order for a sashimi salad to be delivered to the office after your run. Why sashimi salad? It knows you had Mexican yesterday, and a burger the day before. Because you’ve been listening to a lot of Rolling Stones tunes, it tells you that they've just announced a tour date in your city. Would you like to authorize it to buy tickets when they go on sale at 10 a.m. tomorrow? When you get to the office, you are connected to your first conference call. The agenda is already on your screen, along with minutes from last week’s meeting. After work, you head for your son’s soccer game. You didn't have to put this on your calendar. Your app did that for you. It knows who your son is and has already found the team’s online schedule, put it on your calendar and given you directions to the field. And that trip to Chicago? Once you put the meeting on your schedule the airline, hotel, and car rental were booked.

Welcome to the next generation Web, commonly referred to as the Concept Web or Web 3.0. It will be as different from your current web experience as your old landline is different from your smart phone. Today’s Web is designed around text and images published as documents to be read and processed by humans. The Concept Web will be designed around concepts published as data in Concept Repositories that can be read and processed by devices, enabling these machines to find, combine and act on information on the Web from multiple sources.

At the center of this transformation is SyNeural. SyNeural unifies Web-based information in Concepts Repository platforms, connecting online services that presently serve relatively narrow subsets to solve general problems. SyNeural’s Concept Repositories make a truly connected Web possible. Applications built on these repositories can correlate events across systems and/or devices and trigger actions and workflows, automating tasks and delivering a new era of efficiency that will transform modern life.

Today’s Web information is siloed by applications, programs and sites made to automate and monetize specific tasks. Your calendar is an application programmed to schedule meetings. Your work documents use a different application. Your playlist is somewhere else. Soccer team schedules are somewhere else. Then there are the shopping, airline, hotel, community service and multitudes of additional sites, all isolated from one another.

By publishing content to Concept Repositories, SyNeural platforms remove the silos to create vast storehouses of structured, machine-readable information. These platforms replace or supplement text-based documents with concepts-based data, enabling machines to process knowledge, similar to human reasoning, obtaining more meaningful results. Devices then communicate with one another to perform tasks that currently require multiple searches and force the user to integrate all search results to perform the task.